Thursday, August 23, 2012

Back to school or work!

I always find it inspiring when a new season starts. Are you going back to school or to work after a refreshing holiday? Here's some inspiration for you!

1. Handmade notebook, from my own shop
2. Vintage library boxes, from
3. Handmade journal bandolier, from
4. Handmade canvas shoulder bag, from
5+6. Handmade iPhone and iPad sleeves, from
7. Vintage school bag brooch, from 


  1. I would love to get one of each, they all look stunning, and makes me want to go to school again ;o)
    Thank you for including my bag

  2. Leuk! en nu .. Hup naar school allemaal, met je Iphone en Ipad in een mooie hoes natuurlijk!